Speeding Offences

Speeding used to be straightforward; a policeman saw you driving too fast, pulled you over and gave you a ticket. All this has changed though and now, getting pulled over is a far less common occurrence.

Instead, it’s much more normal to receive a Section 172 notice requesting that as the registered keeper of the vehicle that you provide the details of the driver at a certain time and place.

You’ve been caught for speeding modern style.

By law, it is your duty under law to provide the details of the driver. If you fail to do so, then you receive 6 points on your licence.

Providing the name of the driver isn’t an admission of guilt, just a legal requirement so that the correct driver is prosecuted, fined, etc.

Most low speed speeding offences only receive 3 points and a fine, often dispensed by means of a fixed penalty notice, meaning that you don’t even have to attend court, just plead guilty and the points are added to your licence.

Additionally, if this is your first speeding offence in any 3 year period, then if you were not excessively speeding, you may (at the discretion of the police force involved) be offered a driver awareness course. These courses typically cost £80 – 120 depending on where it’s being held, but you don’t get the penalty points on your licence.

In 2014-15 over 1 million drivers in the UK attended these courses.

One common way that motorists used to try to get out of naming themselves as the driver, was to name a ‘foreign’ friend who has now returned to their home country…… and you have lost their address and contact details. It’s probably not much of a surprise to hear that this little ruse seldom worked back in the day and never works now, because there are several methods that the police use to entrap you.

Firstly, if your foreign friend was driving your car, it’s your responsibility to make sure they are insured, otherwise you can be prosecuted for “permitting no insurance”… which not unsurprisingly carries 6 penalty points on your licence. Also, with the popularity of social media, it’s quite easy for them to attempt to track down your friend themselves and if there is no track of them online, they might rightfully conclude that they don’t exist.

You could soon find yourself being prosecuted for perverting the course of justice which carries…… a prison sentence….. much more severe than a few points for speeding.

The same can be said for ‘giving points to your spouse’ which allegedly happens far more frequently that you might imagine.

Famously Chris Huhne MP & Vicky Pryce a successful economist were both sentenced to 8 months prison for exactly this offence in 2013.



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