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03Oct 2015

Without Due Care Driving Offences The definition of driving without due care and attention (careless driving) is that the standard of your driving has to fall below that expected from a careful and prudent driver. This makes the offence subjective rather than definitive and is thus open to interpretation, providing a certain amount of wiggle […]

23Sep 2015

Drug Driving Offences Since March 2015, it has been a criminal offence to drive with excess levels of many legal and illegal drugs in your system. Drug driving is a very different offence to police however than drinking and driving is. Not only are there many different types of drugs included in the legislation, but […]

06Aug 2014

Traffic Offences in the UK General practice lawyers who deal with all areas of criminal law won’t always know the ideal legal arguments that can be put forward on your behalf if you have been accused of any of the motoring offences below;

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